To clean the unit, use a soft cloth dipped in water with some mild detergent dissolved in it. Wring out the cloth thoroughly before cleaning to prevent water from entering the device (always prevent moisture from entering the device, moisture may cause corrosion of the electrodes and wires). Dry the device well after cleaning, with a soft cloth. After cleaning, the device can be disinfected with 70% alcohol suitable for cleaning surfaces. Do not use disinfecting hand gel or products with alcohol added to it. Apply the alcohol to a soft cloth and wipe the surfaces clean. Never spray or pour the alcohol (or any other liquid) directly onto the device.

The plastic parts, including the screen, can be cleaned with a detergent suitable for plastic and a soft cloth. Again, make sure that the cleaning agent never seeps into the device. Never spray or pour detergent directly onto the device or screen. Do not press too hard on the screen while cleaning to avoid damaging the screen. Please note that repeated application of alcohol to plastic may cause slight dulling of the material. Repairing this is not covered by the warranty.

Never use chemicals such as benzene, ammonia, turpentine, acids of any kind, or aggressive detergents to clean the equipment, as they can damage the material and electrodes and cause malfunctions and damage. Never use abrasive materials to clean the equipment as they may damage the material and electrodes and cause malfunctions.