To activate the Bluetooth Kit on the MC-780 + DC-430 + DC-360 + DC-13, the following actions must be performed on the device:

1. Switch on the TANITA device and allow it to start up

2. Press the SETTING button

3. Enter the number "13"

4. Then shortly press the 'Enter' button to confirm, and then press the 'Male' button within 0,5 seconds, as a sequence

(So: Settings > 13 > Enter > Male)

5. Press "1" and confirm with 'Enter'

(1 = put power ON the Bluetooth transmitter, 0 = take power OFF the Bluetooth transmitter)

6. Press 'Setting' to return to the initial screen

After this the green light on the Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver should light up green and a connection with TANITA PRO software, or TANITA Pro app (MC-780 only), can be established.

Please download the attachment for the instructions in PDF format.